Why Did Muzan Turn Tanjiro Into A Demon?

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular and profitable modern shonen titles at the moment. The series boasts a great story line, well-designed characters and top-tier animation. While the manga has ended, fans have some concerns with respect to the main character of the series.

Some people are wondering if Kamado Tanjiro becomes a demon in the series. He is a character who swore to kill every demon and free humans from their tyranny. Those who have read the manga will have a fair idea as to what the answer is. This article will refer to the manga and provide some information on whether Tanjiro really becomes a demon in the series.

During the last few chapters of the manga, members of the Demon Slayer Corps team up and defeat the demon king, Kibutsuji Muzan. This was not easy, as a lot of lives were sacrificed in this process, including Tanjiro, who was dead for a while. The members were able to give it their all and killed Muzan, but he managed to pull off something that was quite unexpected.

Just before dying, Muzan transferred all of his blood into kamado Tanjiro. For a brief period of time, Tanjiro became the strongest demon of all time, and possibly stronger than Muzan himself. This is so because he’s the only demon who could resist the sun and was capable of performing techniques from the Breath of the Sun. This could have caused a lot of problems if not for the joint efforts of everyone present there.

Shinobu, the insect Hashira, had given Kanao one more vial of medicine that she had created with Wisteria flowers. It has been established that this flower is extremely effective against demons. In chapter 202, Kanao mustered every ounce of energy she had and used the final form from the Breath of Flower. Upon doing so, she gets close to Tanjiro and injects the medicine into him.

Muzan’s feelings and will tried to talk Tanjiro out of wanting to return to Nezuko and become human once again. But his efforts were futile, as Tanjiro managed to turn into a human again and proceeded to heal in the hospital. The organization managed to wipe out every last demon out there and the Demon Slayer Corps eventually disbanded.
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