Wonder Park (2019) Movie explained in Hindi Urdu | Family Adventure Film summarized हिन्दी/اردو

Wonder Park (2019) Family Adventure movie explained in Hindi Urdu. The Family Adventure movie “Wonder Park” story summarized with a complete ending in हिन्दी Urdu explanation. Hollywood movie explained in Hindi. The Plot is about June Bailey, a young lady with a splendid creative mind, and her mom concoct the tale of Wonderland, a mystical event congregation run by a gathering of creatures: Boomer, a major blue bear who welcomes visitors; Greta, a wild pig; Gus and Cooper, beaver siblings; Steve, a porcupine who is the recreation center's security chief and is infatuated with Greta; and Peanut, the head of the recreation center and a chimpanzee who can make rides by paying attention to June's mom's voice. Over the long haul, June's mom begins to become ill and is requested recuperation. Accordingly, June begins estranging from Wonderland and wears the diagrams of the recreation center out of disappointment.

In a little while, June's dad sends her to math camp. Subsequent to misconstruing a note from her dad as a sob for help, June utilizes her companion Banky to make an interruption on the transport to get away and get back, yet all things considered, she tracks down a separated Wonderland in the forest. The recreation center is right now being encircled by a cloud named the Darkness; June and the creatures endeavor to fix Clockwork Swings, the recreation center's system, yet are assaulted by Chimpanzombies, the recreation center's previous extravagant toys that presently engage the Darkness. In the tumult, June gets isolated from the creatures and winds up in a drifting chamber known as Zero-G Land. There, June observes Peanut stowing away from the Darkness where he admits he felt lost after he quit hearing the voice in his mind. This leads June to understand that the Darkness was made without anyone else because of her pessimism from her mother's sickness. The Chimpanzombies break in and accept Peanut as their detainee, yet June figures out how to get away.

June runs back to the creatures to let them know she tracked down Peanut yet in addition admits that she is answerable for the Darkness. Feeling agitated with this disclosure, they childishly forsake her. In the wake of seeing the piece of the outline and understanding that she has had the option to make the thoughts for the recreation center herself, June figures out how to fix one of the attractions to find the creatures and come to Clockwork Swings. She likewise clarifies why she made the Darkness, and seeing that she needs to help, the creatures change the group to save Peanut and Wonderland.

The posse observes the Chimpanzombies taking Peanut to get sucked up into the Darkness. The creatures retaliate while June races to save Peanut by hopping into the deep darkness. She guarantees him that she will give the voice to his creative mind and that he ought not allow the Darkness to assume control over him, giving him a plan to make a slide out of bendy straws to get away. While the pack and Peanut are riding the slide to keep away from the Chimpanzombies, June then, at that point, sees that Clockwork Swings is appended to her name written in cursive, very much like the plan piece. With Peanut's assistance, they get Clockwork Swings back fully operational by utilizing her name to move the pinion wheels, and clear up Wonderland from the Darkness. A cloud stays over the recreation center, to which June deciphers as a suggestion to keep on being inventive.

June gets back, and with it, her presently relieved mother, and they set up a Wonderland in their lawn. June then, at that point, shares with different children the tale of Wonderland.

Directed by: Dylan Brown
Screenplay by: Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec
Edited by: Edie Ichioka
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