You Waited 10 YEARS For THIS, Luffy Defeats Kaido - Complete Story of Kaido's Past & Rocks D Xebec!

One Piece Manga has released One Piece chapter 1049 has just shown us the end of wano and the defeat of kaido the Yonko by the hands of luffy's gear 5 awakening powers. We explain the life story of Kaido from childhood to where he is now as an adult Yonko, Luffy Defeated Kaido but we go over his childhood and what went down in One Piece History. Kaido's flashback 46 years ago when he was a little boy. We saw everything about kaido's past life as a soldier for his kingdom then being hunted by the marines with a bounty of 70 million berry at the age of 13, finally we see kaido as a 21 year old join the rocks pirates. He was directly offered a spot in the crew from rocks d xebec.

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