You WONT Believe How I Fixed It! | Welding Repair on a Excavator |

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This has got to be the SLOPPIEST machine I’ve ever worked in on. Why my Dad bought it? Well it was cheap. And he’ll make his money back on the very first job! That being said. I didn’t make out like a bandit, but it was a honest days works. This welding repair was done on the cheap! The only goal : make it work! I wanted to replace all of the pins bushings and the quick connect. But that would’ve cost him more than he paid for the pair of excavators. So we opted to replace only the most worn down parts and use parts from his spare machine to make this one usable once again. When welding, cutting and fabricating you always end up with a curve ball or two. Well this project threw me my fair share!

Here’s some of the gear I used in this video:
Face Shield-
Replacement shields-
Welding Gloves-
Leather Apron-
Welding Respirator-
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