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Halloween is coming! Meet the craziest zombie and his spooky monster this Halloween at Kidscamp. Join the fun with Elly and Eva you little trick and treaters in their Spooktacular Halloween Celebration.

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00:00 Zombie Had A Little Monster
01:53 Boo Boo Who Is This
03:07 Are You Sleeping Vampire
05:03 Who's At The Window
06:45 Three Little Witches
08:31 Pumpkin Song
09:47 Wheels On The Bus Halloween
11:15 Five Funny Spiders
13:34 If You're Happy And You Know It
15:45 Ghost Bike Song
17:48 What's So Amazing About The Haunted House
19:58 Hickory Dickory Dock
23:11 Spooky Train
26:08 Mystery Room With Len
29:15 Spooky Down By The Bay
32:17 Missing Face Monster
33:37 Wheels On The Bus Scary
35:28 Are You Sleeping Vampire
37:52 Johny Johny Halloween
40:18 This Old Witch
42:15 Zombie Had A Little Monster
44:03 Johny Johny Scary
46:34 Five Skeletons Went Out One Night
48:40 Grumpy Dumpty
50:13 Chumbala Chumbala
51:57 Five Spooky Monsters
54:52 Three Little Witches
56:42 Where Is The Monster
58:05 This Is The Way We Brush Our Teeth
59:34 Head Shoulders Knees Toes
01:01:07 Zombie Finger Family
01:04:07 Row Your Boat Spooky

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