Средиземноморский стиль в ландшафтном дизайне: оформление сада — 84

Ландшафтный дизайн в Средиземноморском стиле

Несмотря на некоторое внутреннее расслоение, в целом Средиземноморский стиль имеет черты, которые делают его однозначно узнаваемым и своеобразным. По опыту специалистов ландшафтной компании «ПозитивПроект», сады в данном стиле характеризует присутствие следующих элементов:

  • уютный внутренний дворик
  • высокие каменные ограждения вокруг участка, непроницаемая для взгляда изгородь, отделяющая от остального сада внутренний дворик
  • вертикальное озеленение с применением большого количества вьющихся, ампельных культур, которыми декорируют стены, заборы, беседки и т.п.
  • водные источники, в частности, очень характерные для южных пейзажей пристенные фонтаны (маскароны), выполненные в виде небольших скульптур людей или животных, масок и т.п.
  • уникальные изделия, сделанные из керамики и с применением мозаики ярких цветов (столешницы, скамейки, контейнеры для растений, дно водоемов и бассейнов, дорожки и декоративные картины)
  • активное использование каменной, в частности, мраморной крошки и гальки
  • твердое покрытие дорожек и площадок для отдыха: кирпич, терракотовая плитка, натуральный камень могут быть несколько разбавлены вкраплением гальки и гравия
  • пересеченный рельеф, декорированный лестницами, подпорными стенами, цветниками на склонах
  • обилие растений в контейнерах, вазонах, амфорах, которые могут располагаться у входной группы, в беседках и на террасах, на ступенях лестниц, вдоль дорожек, а также украшать непосредственно цветники и клумбы, выставляясь рядом с культурами, высаженными в грунт.

Daisies: End of Season Care

The seed heads of Shasta daisies are not particularly attractive and tend to ‘melt’ into black mush during the winter. Tidying the long stems by cutting back in the fall to basal foliage will prevent this. Foliage may stay evergreen during the winter months if you live in a warmer climate.

Trimming & Pruning: If you deadhead the plant as soon as blooms fade, you will benefit from a second and sometimes even third blooming. Make sure you do this regularly and do not wait for the plant to completely finish blooming, as you will miss your opportunity. Cut the stems down just below the foliage when deadheading.

Dividing and Transplanting: After approximately three years, you will need to divide your Shasta daisy clumps as they become woody and die out in the center. Dig up the entire clump and dispose of the woody center, making divisions out of the outer young rhizomes (two or three to a division). Replant with the soil just below the crown of the new plant.

Shasta daisy often develops little plantlets along the base of its stems. These are easily recognized by their root buds and can be removed and planted shallowly, keeping them evenly moist. They will root and make a new plant within a few weeks.

Pests & Disease: Aphids can visit the developing buds in early spring, but don’t tend to do much damage.

Additional Concerns: Some people report a strong vegetative scent emanating from Shasta daisies, but this scent is extremely minor and only perceptible when the plant is bruised or cut. It definitely shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for growing this lovely perennial.

Ox-eye daisy is extremely vigorous, both by seed and by rhizome, and care should be taken when planting. Some gardeners dead-head the blossoms after blooming to prevent the daisy making its way into the gardens of neighbors.

Rockwool Growing Medium for Tower Garden

Rockwool for agriculture is often confused with rockwool for insulation or even fiberglass.

Rockwool for insulation or fiberglass can be detrimental to one’s health when handled without a protection mask. In fact, the little particles of rockwool or fiberglass can irreversibly damage the respiratory system.

Rockwool for agriculture is compacted differently and is used after being soaked and therefore does not present a health risk. In other terms, although we recommend to handle rockwool with gloves, contrary to general perception, it is a safe material.

Rockwool is used in the world of hydroponics and aeroponics extensively since it features a neutral pH and allows the perfect ratio for water and air.

However, although natural, rockwool does not break down nor can be composted like coco coir.

A True Garden in Arizona, rockwool has been completely replaced by organic coco coir. Contrary to rockwool, coco coir is fully compostable. In other terms, seedling can be prepared for the Tower Garden and for the soil.

Coco coir also has a neutral pH and offers the ideal environment for the perfect ratio between water and air.

It can be handled without the use of gloves and mask, it is truly a noble material.

True Garden, our partner Tower Farm in Arizona, offers a wide variety of seedlings which can be ordered online.

Furthermore, True Garden offers great YouTube videos in regards to seedlings.

Pythium Root Rot

Pythium spp. are water mold pathogens that favor cool and wet conditions. Water molds produce swimming spores that move in freestanding water that may puddle underneath pots. Pythium infects at the tip of the roots and then colonize the root system, causing root damage and loss.

Signs of poor root health are blackened or rotted roots. Thus, plants will wilt from lack of water uptake. Diseased roots will not take up fertilizer, compounding the problem with high soluble salts in the growing medium.

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